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Keep Burberry British

Treochy factory

the factory in Wales


Five questions
December 14, 2006, 12:30 am
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1. How long have you worked here?

2. How do you view Burberry, this brand?

3. What do you think about this closure plan?

4. If Burberry shut down the factory, what would you do?

5. “Burberry is working on a plan to redeploy 50 employees on a new smaller textiles operation.” If so, will you stay in Burberry?

Keep Burberry British
December 13, 2006, 1:46 am
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Outside the label’s store in London, more than 100 employees chanted: “Keep Burberry British! ” with thousands of leaflets being handed out.

This September, the world-famous clothing retailer, Burberry, announced they will close its Treorchy factory in Wales, and move production to China, due to cheap labours.

This move will cause 311 workers to lose their jobs. One employee of the factory, Gran Joan Young said, many of the women here has been the main wage-earners in their families.

Some campaigners also pointed out the closure would have a harmful impact on the Rhondda – the area of the factory. Most important of all, moving manufacturing abroad may damage the well-known British brand.

What if Burberry moves production to anywhere other than Britain? On the company’s website, it advertises itself as the “authentic British lifestyle brand”. However, its new plan will make 300 British workers unemployed.

This issue spread quickly to the UK. In a House of Commons motion Burberry was criticized by 33 MPs for this plan. They requested the company to rethink again. In addition, Ioan Gruffudd, the Welsh actor and Hollywood star, has written a letter to Angela Ahrendts, Burberry’s chief executive, asking her to keep the plant going. Recently, Prince Charles has contacted government ministers to ask if there is anything he can do for the factory.

These supporters have successfully impacted on Burberry. Its Treorchy factory was due to close in January 2007, however, the company delayed the closure date to 31 March 2007 under the pressure from these supporters. GMB members have seen this move as a small victory and will continue its anti-closure campaign.

They have put up “Keep Burberry British” posters on the factory walls and been tight-lipped about the closure plan. “The closure gets the extension to March, that’s all I can tell you,” said the clerk of Treorchy factory’s shop who did not want to be named. She has been worked here for a long time.

The shop is neat and tiny. Women’s clothes and accessories are at the front of the shop. Various kinds of Men’s shirts are at the end of corridor. Outside the store, a row of grey buildings- Treorchy factory- standing firmly appears to guard its workers.

No one knows the future of this factory. According to the company, it is working on a plan to redeploy 50 employees on a new smaller textiles operation. It seems not a best answer for everyone. But a spokesman has promised: “We are doing everything we can do to cushion the impact of such a closure.” Burberry’s battle is still ongoing.

Links – releted sources
December 12, 2006, 10:47 pm
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Hain to meet Burberry boss amid jobs hope

‘True Valleys boy’ Gruffudd tells Burberry to keep jobs

Burberry workers stage demo in London

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Burberry (http://www.burberry.com)

Rhondda today(http://leightonandrews.typepad.com/rhondda_today/)


Figures’ Profiles

Burberry chief executive – Angela Ahrendts

Burberry’s managing director – Evelyn Suszko

Supporter – Hollywood star – Ioan Gruffudd

Sopporter – Welsh secretary – Peter Hain

Sopporter – Prince Charles (www.princeofwales.gov.uk/)

Timeline- Burberry – the ongoing battle
December 12, 2006, 9:15 pm
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Wednesday, September 6

2006 – Workers are told that the Burberry factory in Treorchy could close with the loss of more than 300 jobs. The staff were told in the morning that the factory was no longer”commercially viable” and they would have to wait 90 days to dscover their fate.

Thursday, September 7

GMB spokesman is appalled at the news and warns that Burberry could be taken to an employment tribunal.

Friday, September 8

MP Chris Bryant and AM Leighton Andrews meet with Burberry’s UK management.

Saturday, September 9

Burberry workers announce they will be fighting the closure.

Wednesday, September 20

Workers plan to lobby loan Gruffudd for support.

Saturday, October 7

Workers are appalled when chief executive Angela Ahrends sends out a company – wide letter praising staff hard work and saying she was looking forward to “celebrating our future success with you”. Plus the company said workers would now not be laid off until January 4.

Thursday, Octobe 12

Burberry announce a 10% sales rise

Friday, October 27

Around 100 workers picket the Senedd to try to save their jobs

Thursday, November 9

Ioan Gruffudd’s PR people say it is inappropriate for him to comment

Tuesday, , November 14

The company announces that it made £84m in the past six months.

Saturday, November 18

Burberry workers take to London’s Regent Street and New Bond Street, in London, to hold a peaceful protest outside the company’s flagship stores.

Sunday, November 19

Gruffudd writes to Leighton Andrews telling of his support for the workers and how he has urged Ahrendts to look for other options.

Sunday, November 26

Prince Charles joins rebellion over Burberry move to China.

Monday, November 27

Ioan join battle to save Burberry factory.

Monday, December 11

Welsh secretary Peter Hain is to meet Burberry bosses on Thursday.

Story 2 – pitch !
November 27, 2006, 1:26 am
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1. What is the story?

The Burberry factory in Wales(Cardiff) plans to move to China.
2. Why tell it now?

Charles joins rebellion over Burberry move to China

The news has been published on The Sunday Times on November 26, 2006.

3. How am I going to do it?

  • (1) Burberry is a traditional brand of Britain. What forces it to move?
  • (2) the impact of this move
  • (3) interview some workers and representatives in Burberry,(perhaps the manager?), and offer different angles
  • (4) five questions, links and pictures as well

New story !
November 19, 2006, 7:03 pm
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Come on Wales: A new fan of the Welsh rugby match

Tonight, there is nothing on the streets, but Welsh fans. They are moving toward the same way- the Millennium Stadium.

The large banner reading The Invesco Perpetual Series hangs on the national stadium of Wales. Fans are clutching tickets in their hands and queuing at different gates. Kids have tattoo stickers of Welsh Rugby Union’s logos on their faces. People outside can hear shouting and chaos at Welsh Rugby Union’s home ground in Cardiff.

A small crowd chant “Oggy!” Immediately, Other people respond” Oi! ”They all look excited and joyous.

In the stadium, crowds of people are milling about the paths. There are some food stalls on both sides, selling simple food, such as the Cornish pasty and hotdogs. The Carling beer stands attract long queues of people.

A lot of direction signs make a first-time comer confused easily. Yet asking other fans is the best way rather than following those signs. In addition, there are two staff responsible for checking tickets in front of every block, they also helpfully show the direction to people who get lost.

Before the kick-off, a man, holding the Welsh national flag, walks into the ground and sings the Welsh national Anthem. When he starts, all audience and all Welsh fans follow, which creates a unique atmosphere. They show their love of Wales through the singing.

As those programmes ending, the Wales vs. Canada rugby match gets underway. The 74022 audience’s emotions are running high. They wave the Welsh national flag, shout, and even jump up with excitement. A man bursts into song“ Bread of heaven” with an infectious voice, and people around him join the singing without hesitation.

Welsh fans chant “Wales” and roar “Come on Wales” throughout the match. When Wales scores, a father raises his daughter to her feet, a couple kiss and the fans can’t help to stand up to celebrate this moment. However, after Canada players score penalties, Welsh fans also clap for them, which is a sign of sportsmanship. Everyone here can feel and smell, the wonderful atmosphere of the Welsh hearts, of the people of Wales.

Some people start a Mexican wave when some player gets injured and forces the match to stop. The wave circles the stadium many times. Over 7000 spectators create an impressive picture.

Almost every fan has beers in their hand. Keeping shouting contributes to their thirst. Therefore, many people leave their seat at match and come back with a set of four Brain beers.

There is another interesting fact- whether men or women, they rarely bring their bags. Probably, to jump higher and faster is the main reason. There is nothing to stop them from showing their love of team.

That must be a memorable day, for people never watching live rugby match before. The fantastic atmosphere and the singing from Welsh fans impress all audience in the stadium, and make them decide to watch next live matches.

Millennium Stadium

Welsh Rugby Union